Garlic Naan

by Cindy Yanasha Angulo in , , , , ,

Crispy, fluffy, garlicky goodness! Naan seemed so untouchable before - the Indian bread that you can never replicate at home. But today I tried making it & I was pleasantly surprised! Really easy and really delicious!


Time: 1.5 hours total  


  • 2 cups all purpose flour (plus additional for rolling out the naan) 
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt (I used Greek) 
  • 1/2 cup warm water  
  • 1 packet yeast
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1.5 tablespoons granulated garlic  
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil  
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic  
  • 2 tablespoons salted butter (melted) 
  • 1 teaspoon parsley flakes


  1. Put the warm water in a measuring cup with the packet of yeast & the sugar. Stir to combine, then set aside for the yeast to activate.  
  2. Use a small bowl to melt the butter & combine with the minced garlic. Add parsley flakes also.  
  3. In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, granulated garlic & some parsley flakes & mix to combine.  
  4. Once the yeast is bubbly (~10 minutes), add the olive oil & yogurt to it. Stir until the yogurt dissolves.  
  5. Pour the yeast mixture into the bowl with the flour & start kneading. Take more dry flour if you need to.  
  6. Once the dough is formed, cover the bowl with a paper towel & set it aside to rise. I put mine in a microwave (leave it off though).   Leave it to rise for about an hour. 
  7. Take the dough out & break pieces off a little larger than golf balls.
  8. Heat a large cast iron skillet on medium-high heat. 
  9. Roll out the naan using a rolling pin.  
  10. Pour a little vegetable oil in the skillet, then place the naan in the middle. Let it bubble up for about 30 seconds then flip.  
  11. Once you flip the naan, brush on the garlic butter mixture.  Use tongs to remove the naan once it's cooked on the other side.  
  12. Repeat with all the other naan.  

Enjoy with paneer makhani or your favorite curry!